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Download eLab to experience the power of an industry leading Laboratory Information Management System today. Make sure you download the eLab User Manual and watch the overview video. If you have any questions, would like assistance using eLab, or wish to discuss any aspect of the system contact us.

Feature   Single-user Version   Enterprise Version   Open Source (Free)
Total number of users 1 Unlimited* Unlimited*
Number of concurrent sessions 1 Unlimited* Unlimited*
Easy to use, intuitive graphical user interface Yes Yes Yes
Sample and reagent management Yes Yes Yes
Project management Yes Yes Yes
Worklists Yes Yes Yes
Workflows Yes Yes Yes
Protocols creation Yes Yes Yes
Results recording Yes Yes Yes
Import and export in multiple formats Yes Yes Yes
Data sharing Protocols only Yes Yes
Installation Automatic Easy to use wizard Manual
Automatic updates, free of charge Internet only Yes Yes
Written documentation and context sensitive help Yes Yes Yes
Support Limited Yes Available on request
Training Available on request Available on request Available on request
FDA Chapter 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance:      
Audit trails   No   Yes   Yes
Backup   Using third party applications   Yes   Yes
Data access restrictions   Part   Yes   Yes
Data integrity checks   Part   Yes   Yes
Data validation   No   Yes   Yes
Identity certification   No   Yes   Yes
Reports and export data   Yes   Yes   Yes
Secure development   Yes   Yes   Yes
Session disabling and locking   No   Yes   Yes
System access protection   Windows security only   Yes   Yes
Third person validation   No   Yes   Yes
Unauthorized usage reporting   No   Yes   Yes
User, group and role management   No   Yes   Yes

Compatible with Windows 7 Works with Windows Vista Works with Windows XP